Escape Fever Level 10 Walkthrough

Solutions for Escape Fever Level 10 Walkthrough – Find code numbers if you stuck on the logic for this stage and solve puzzle to get key for this door so you can escape the room !
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Escape Fever Stage 10 Cheats
take the leaf on right plant
get phone under the sofa
use the leaf to the candle on right table and take it back
take key inside left jar
use key to open left table drawer for knife

look on the leaf shape and enter these shape on the left drawer
get the tablet
open the phone and send file to tablet
open tablet and connect the picture for code : chair pillow candle
chair = 8
pillow = 5
candle = 2
enter these code on the bird cage

use knife to cut the bread on table and memorize the glass position
tap the left toaster and put the bread on it
change the direction into :
up right – down left
up left – down right
enter then get the bread

give the bread to the bird to get key
use key to open door then continue to escape fever stage 11


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