Escape Fever Level 12 Walkthrough

Guide for Escape Fever Level 12 Walkthrough – Find code numbers if you stuck on the logic for this stage and solve puzzle to get key for this door so you can escape the room !
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Escape Fever Stage 12 Cheats
get a flashlight on left gems and memorize the gems stand color
tap bars on left wall and enter :
white white brown brown

get a triangle behind taj mahal picture on right
combine triangle + flashlight to see color
memorize the direction
red = up right
yellow = right
blue = bottom right

tap the right chest and enter the color direction on each dot
get the paper
look the color position behind 3 picture on right wall and match it with paper to get the correct symbol

look behind right statue next to door to get stick and change the picture :
woman facing right
dog sit
dog facing right
take the key and tap on left bar
insert key to turn off the laser

tap box on middle and use stick to break the glass
obtain the key and use it to open door and go to escape fever stage 13


step by step escape fever level 12 video guide

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