Escape Fever Level 13 Walkthrough

Cheats for Escape Fever Level 13 Walkthrough – Find code numbers if you stuck on the logic for this stage and solve puzzle to get key for this door so you can escape the room !
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Escape Fever Stage 13 Cheats
take paper under left vase
read the paper clue and look at the left map color
open left cabinet drawer with color :
green – pink – orange
take the knife

get candle on left shelf
combine candle + knife to get key
use key to open right table drawer for lighter

take paper under right fan
combine paper + lighter to reveal code 612
open right safe box using these numbers
get a pointer and look at the clue by tapping the switch :
statue – right
earth – left
head – right

get a screwdriver under left sofa
tap statue next to the door to see code : 1
tap globe on table to see code : 11
tap picture on right wall and use screwdriver to unscrew it for code : 17

tap right shield and connect the pointer
now move it : 1 to right – left 11 – right 17
get key and use it to open door
proceed to escape fever stage 14


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