Escape Fever Level 14 Walkthrough

Cheat for Escape Fever Level 14 Walkthrough – Find code numbers if you stuck on the logic for this stage and solve puzzle to get key for this door so you can escape the room !
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Escape Fever Stage 14 Cheats
take magnifying glass on drums
pick up sd card on van goh picture
get phone from piano and inser the sim card to see code :
+ –
– +
– +

tap speaker on left corner and change the screw like the clue
take the battery

get screwdriver under right chair
look at tunes on right piano and use this as order
use magnifying glass on circle under harp
look at the drum
use screwdriver to open bass for battery and look at the last symbol

enter this behind van goh picture :
harp – drum – bass

count on the piano key color
red = 4
yellow = 2
green = 3
tap on the speaker and enter 324 for key

use this key to open hatch under piano
get remote and insert the battery
use the remote on the van goh picture to reveal GAZ

enter this code on right speaker to get magnet
tap the panel on door and insert magnet + battery
tap the switch and you can open the door
continue to escape fever stage 15


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