Escape Game Eternity for The Dying Walkthrough

Cheats for Escape game : Eternity for The Dying Walkthrough to find some items and code numbers from the hospital room so you can solve the puzzle and open the door to help saki get a good ending.
room escape game by WaveA PTE.LTD. and IDAC CO.,LTD. on android / iphone device


in order to get the key first you need to find 4 piece of papers and connect them together to get code from each paper

eternity for the dying video guide answer :

escape : eternity for the dying solutions
get a flyer poster from left table and remember the number on door : 3
move right and tap the picture frame on the wall to reveal hidden number : 9
go to other side
tap the panda to see number : 7 under it

move to the left and look on the middle cabinet
open the top drawer to find a construction paper hint, these are the code location order for the number where you need to enter the correct number for 1 2 3
remember these are the magic square where you get 15 from each number addition
the answer is 256
enter the code to open 2nd drawer to get a stick
look under the cabinet to get 1st piece of paper

look at the green cabinet and open the drawer one by one :
put blue on the top
put white on the middle
put blue on the bottom
move to the right and tap the door
use the stick on the keyhole to open the door

go inside the bathroom
open the box on wash basin and get 6 stick color inside
go outside then move to the 1st room and tap the left rainbow picture
tap the switch to reveal the rainbow color
click the color stick on your inventory and press these color :
light blue – green – purple

move to the other side where you can see bedroom
tap on the middle cabinet and open the hatch of 3rd drawer
use the color stick on 3 pentagon to obtain a scissors inside

back to bathroom and click on wash basin
use the scissors to cut on the blue box rope, get 2nd piece of paper

go out and move to the other side
open the suitcase on desk, get the digital camera inside
get a screwdriver from the silver box
back to the other side and tap on the purple shelf
tap the can next to the red box
use the screwdriver to make a bigger hole on top of the can and get the minute hand

back to the suitcase on desk
look at the pink paper notebook :
A – 10
B – 20
C – 30
D – 40
Add the numbers together

open the plastic bag next to the desk and tap the wallet for clue :
brand name : OARASAM
from the pink notebook you need to find the value for each letters :
O = 150
A = 10
R = 180
A = 10
S = 190
A = 10
M = 130
add them together and you will get 680
now move to the right, tap the note on bed
thins to buy when i get out of the hospital :
name brand bag : 20,000
cute skirt : 8,000
bicycle : 9,800
add all the numbers and you will get 38480
use this number to open the brown box inside the suitcase on desk
obtain 2 battery inside

back to the bed and tap the alarm clock on table
put the minute hand and battery to the clock then open the hatch
get 3rd piece of paper and a wire inside

go to the right and tap the purple cabinet
look on the games to get a paper with hint :
Add red to the odd-ones out
One of the odd-ones out is a crab
these are the zodiac first letters in order, you need to find what missing
tap the black game, there are 2 letters with red color : ZO
now add the missing one : taurus, cancer, virgo, aquarius
click the panel on the bottom drawer
use the wire on the left hole to make the lamp turn green from red
now enter ZOTCVA to get a pliers inside

go to the other side, open briefcase on table and open the silver box
use the pliers to cut on the stick from inventory, then tap the iron tip on silver box to combine it

move to right room
tap the table and look on the player on left table
flip it and remove the cover using the stick, get the memory card
move to the right and use the screwdriver on the red box to open
there’s a scrap of paper inside :
“Just past despair lies hope. I want to feel hope so i can die with smile on my face. I pray for the world to be happy from the bottom of my heart.”

go to the right room
tap the mirror on wall and remove the screws using screwdriver to pick the mirror
move to the right and look at the table near window
place the mirror on the holder, place the paper flyer on mirror to make a fire then tap the candle
go back and press the candle, you will find a scrap of iron
flip it back and use the screwdriver to reveal the hint code on the iron

go to the left, tap the box on chair and enter 745
get the 4th piece of paper inside
now you need to check the numbers and letters from each piece of paper :
open the digital camera and look at the bottom side
insert the memory card then tap on the camera screen for hint :
“The middle two are the answer. Disregard the beginning and end.”
now you have the code from each letters


move to the left and open the cabinet
tap the safe to enter TKTRLF, get the key inside
move to the right, and if you open the door now.. you will get a bed ending
in order to get good end you must find another key
tap the mat under the left chair and get the green key
now you can go to the door and unlock the door open using the key then escape !

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