Room Escape Terror Level 8 Walkthrough

Cheat for Room Escape Terror Level 8 Walkthrough find your way out from the horror room by solving the puzzle, find code and get key to open door for each stage then escape !
Room Escape Terror app game by moonmobile on iphone / android device


room escape terror niveau 8 solution
look on the right chair and get a curtain rope then connect it to the left curtain
pull it down to open the curtain and get a handle drawer
open the left cabinet drawer using the handle to obtain a paper piece

look at the left wall for a picture wih green square
tap the bed and you will find a blue triangle
click on the right painting there’s a yellow pentagon
go to left room and look for the glove on table, there’s a red circle

tap the picture on left wall and put the missing paper to get a complete number : 901741
tap the elm street picture on right wall and enter the code, now you need to remember the number and color

tap the table drawer and enter the shape color :
9 = blue triangle
1 = red circle
1 = green square
7 = yellow pentagon
you’ll get a clue with dot color :
white – black – white – black – black

go to the bed and tap the painting, change the dots color like the clue and get the key
move to the door and use the key to unlock the door open


room escape terror nivel 8 video cheats guide :

This thrilling and wonderful escape game brings you a scary atmosphere, that is challenging and entertaining at the same time.

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