Escape game of CAPRICORN Walkthrough

Guide for Escape game of CAPRICORN Walkthrough where your goal is to find the key, by collecting 8 stars all over the room. There are some puzzle to solve on each object.
山羊座の脱出ゲーム by Minoto available for iphone, ipad, ipad and android


escape game of capricorn video cheats :

Capricorn has disappeared from the night sky. It is the work of the witch, so please help.

escape game of capricorn solution :
swipe the curtain open using 2 finger to left and right, tap the window and click on the 1st star
move the plant to the left and get the 2nd star on floor
get the box on sofa, now it’s a little bit tricky.. the answer is you need to swipe the half top and half bottom to left & right to make the star appear
complete it and get the 3rd star

move to the left and look at the left picture, tap the star a couple of times then look on the right picture
shake your phone to get the 4th star
look at the right curtain then tilt your phone to left and right to get the bars fall down into star shape
get the 5th star

swipe the moon picture on left floor to move the screen, tap the white table for card
look at the card and hold the circle star until the smoke gone, get the 6th star

go to the left and swipe the string with mouse, get the 7th star from the pot

tap the left window and use 2 finger to rotate the planet counter clockwise, get the 8th star


click the globe on table and put all 8 stars to make a complete constellation of capricorn goat, use the card to the goat’s mouth
get the key and look open the blue box from inventory to make a perfect clear for wing
use the key and open the door to escape

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