Ancient Ruins Escape Game Walkthrough

Cheats for Ancient Ruins Escape Game Walkthrough once you get the treasure cup, you’ll be trapped inside the ruins ! so solve the mystery of ruins and can you escape ?
脱出ゲーム Ancient Ruins by Kazuyuki Sugiyama for iphone, ipad, ipad and android


Ancient Ruins – escape game – video guide :

ancient ruins escape game solutions :
check on the top picture, there’s some egyptian holding stick.. remember the position and height
look at the right stone between stairs and pillar, open it to get stone and make fire
use the fire to light the candle like the stick picture :
left : 1st x x
right : 1st 2nd x

open the hatch on floor to reveal a ladder, move down and get the candle on floor because you need a light
move to the other side where you can find a table and treasure box
place the candle on the stick and light it with fire, get the knob left to the stick and open the drawer to get a book
open book for animal symbol, count on the legs for the order to press later

move to the left and tap on the lever like the hint on the 1st room :
up – middle – up – down – middle – down
go to the other side and look at the cage floor, there’s an animal footprint
tap the button like the number of animal legs order, here’s the answers :
1 middle left
2 bottom right
3 bottom left
4 top left
5 top right
6 middle right
the bars will gone and you can open the box for key

use the key to open the treasure box lock, get a cup of wood inside
go up to the 1st floor, place the cup on the spot between the candles
now move to the left and look at the animal button, press with animal weight order :
1 4 6
3 5 2
go back and get the stone on floor, move to the other side and get the butterfly stone on floor
look on the animal stone on wall and place the butterfly stone on the bottom right hole
now tap the animal order with high position :
1 4 5
6 3 2
go back and get another stone


move to the right and place the mountain stone on left and scale stone on right
the door will open and you can escape

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