House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough

The latest horror escape game by dim_ok for android, read cheats for House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough for step by step guide to solve the puzzle hints and clue.
There are some several code numbers to open the door, and you will find some ‘portal’ to travel back in time to open some secret door. Remember that you must kill all ghost, and destroy the house building using bomb.. and of course escape before the count down timer out of number 😛


video answer for all step of Escape Impossible Revenge Walkthrough – :

house of fear escape solutions :
look at the stone roman numbers : II IV VII
go to left door and get a paper scrool & pickaxe
use it to destroy the stone and pick up key & bullet, unlock the left door and get a razor, clamp through the next room

use the clamp on the chain to release the ladder, get 22 bottle on floor and use razor knife on the human body part doll to get a key
open the safe using code from roman numbers : 247 to get a duct tape

go back and put the ladder under the ceiling ladder, go up and get a gun & iron above the fireplace then candle on bookshelf
move to the right then use bottle 22 on the skeleton, now go out side the house and enter through the front door

now get the tape & book on the bookshelf behind the skeleton, go down and get the ladder
select the key and open the door infront of you, combine gun + bullet to kill the demon
pick up some hay and chair on this room

go out and back inside using the front door, look at the room with fireplace
investigate the book inside inventory, there’s a guide how to create fire using some tools :
wood logs + hay and stone + iron

dismantle the chair to get some woods and place it to fireplace with hay
use the lockpick to open left door, get the lightbulb and paper under sofa
put the tape on the TV and press the tv, now use the duct tape to connect the wire
get a stone and tap the lever inside the safe, go back through the tv

combine the iron + stone inside inventory and place it to fireplace
light the candle with fire and place it on bookshelf, get a paper scroll
get the candle dismantle it and place 1 back to the bookshelf, pick up cog and book on right side
go to the right room, left to upstairs and up once more to get crossbow, bullet, cog
combine the bullet and gun then use it to kill the demon dog
look at the clock : 10:22, get the clock holder ring
enter the number to open the drawer
get a cog, hammer and arrow

use the ladder to reach the ceiling
combine the bow and arrow to kill the ghost, look at the table for hints
x o o x o
o x o x x
look at the right wall for number of codes : 802050
enter 508020 to open the globe and get a green gem
go downstairs and get the ladder back

back to the room with tv, open the safe with the scroll paper code inside inventory : 14582437
get a clock and star key inside, if you look at the book there’s a matching door to use this key with

go back to the room where you kill the demon dog.. open the middle door, get a knife above fireplace
use the hammer to break the jar to get a key, look at the gem color above the fireplace.. remember it because you’ll need this later
click on left door, fix the door pattern then use the starkey to open door
use the knife to kill the skeleton that lying on table, tap the mask and get a red gem
go out and use all 3 cogs to put on the middle door open
use the candle to light up the room

click the portal and tap on the X mark on right brick
find a lady ghost, pick up a book from left chair
read it how to kill the ghost : skeleton + fire

travel back and go back to the room where you kill the demon dog,
tap the left lamp and look on the wall for letters and numbers code
tap the bottom right carpet and enter the numbers to open the lock : 17516 for skull

back to the lady ghost, and use the skull on the fireplace
combine the key + clock handle to get a complete key, use it to open the middle door for a purple gem

now travel back and look at the new secret room where you found the purple gem, get the sword from knight and bottle on floor
place the bulb on lamp for house code, read it upside down for numbers : 351104
open the left box with this code and get a yellow gem

go to room with tv, and click it… fill the bottle with water through the faucet on washbin

back to the lady ghost room, before you enter the room use the bottle to put out the fireplace
get a cross then place the gem on the correct spot :
left = red
up = yellow
right = green
down = purple
get a book
move to the right and use the ladder to reach the ceiling then go upstairs, kill the ghost using cross
tap the box like the clue from table :
x o o x o
o x o x x
press the o one, get a wire then combine it with the clock

place the book on left bookshelf for new secret room, go down and use the sword to kill the old man ghost
get the stick and put it on floor as key, go up and get a lantern
use the lantern on the bottom room then open the left cloth and click the mirror

now put the bomb on top of the dynamite stick and get ready to escape for count down timer from 20 seconds !


get the sledgehammer and use it on the right wall, now prepare the ladder from inventory
go to right and reach the ceiling with ladder, and move to the right twice and exit to escape

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