Escape Game The Dormant Ruins Walkthrough

Cheats for Escape game : The Dormant Ruins Walkthrough you fell down in this ruins below the graveyard and need to escape from these ruins !
room escape game by WaveA PTE.LTD. and IDAC CO.,LTD. on android / iphone device


escape the dormant ruins video guide answer :

How to play :
Your mission is only to escape from the room by opening the door. However, to do this, you’ll need to gather some items and use those items in solving puzzles.
The rules are very simple. You can tap various locations, and you can also flick when you need to move about the room.

Escape: The Dormant Ruins Solutions :
move to the left twice, get the cup on table
go to the right, there’s a skeleton with gun
tap it and get a wooden box by digging the ground
tap the gun and look for a paper hint :
“that idiot told me he wanted a share of 70%
he’s 10 years younger than i am, but he thinks he’s all that because he’s a scientist.
i killed him without thinking too much aboutit, but he was the only one who knew the way out.”

move to right twice, look at the suitcase
in order to open it you need to enter the “born” numbers
go to left and put the piece of paper on left water
“he gave me a knife.
it said it was made in 1864. when i thanked him, he told me : it’s not from 1864. it’s from 1874.
the knife was made 30 years before i was born.”
so do the math :
1874 + 30 = 1904
now fill the cup with water

go back to the suitcase and enter the code
get a notebook inside
go to left and open the left coffin to get a cigarette, open it to get a pin
observe the pin and tap it twice to bend it
open the notebook with this pin, the note explains how to read ancient texts
“the moon was god of birth”
“snakes only speakes in opposites. but it is always the truth”

go to the left
tap the right wall next to the pillar, you need to dig it.
pour a water on it from the cup and get a mirror
move to the left
tap the yellow table cloth at the bottom middle and use the mirror to get a beautifully polished mirror
use the notebook on the symbol :
“there is another dog” is written on it

go to the right and tap the wall, there’s a crystal in the dog’s neck.
use the mirror on it, the light of the sun is shining on the crystal
move back and you will see a statue, move it
use the notebook to read the symbol on floor

tap the left statue, there’s a keyhole on the hand, tap the finger
get the axe from the statue
now back to the symbol on floor and use the axe to cut it in half and get a mold with symbol : wolf and sun

go to the left and get a knife from the skeleton
look at the left rock, there’s a pattern
now go back to the coffin and use the axe to reveal some pattern, these are the hint to pull the rope on right side
tap these rope from the right side : 2nd – 3rd – 5th
a cloth will fall down, look on the floor to get a key and cloth

go to the right and unlock the panel on wall and use the notebook on the symbol
“the place of salvation : let yourself be judged”
move back and there’s a new room

go inside and tap the right rock to get a ball
go out and tap the briefcase open, use the knife on inside to reveal a clue
these are some letters that mirrored : W E S E N
now you also need to look the position for each letters to get the correct direction
tap the box from inventory and use the knife to move it like the clue :
up – right – right – left – down
open the box and get another mold

tap the ball and cut it using the axe to get a clay
use 2 mold + clay to get a shape created
go inside the room and use the mold on the left spot, the floor will start moving
tap the lever under the pillar and get the skull

check the skull head for pattern, use the notebook to read it :
“two parts must be broken”
tap the skull teeth and use the knife to get the black one
move back and go to the right
tap the left statue hand
observe the key from inventory and attach the black teeth on the key
insert the key to the keyhole on hand

go to the right and tap the crystal on wall
now use the mirror to reflect the sunlight at the dog picture
go back and remember the snake’s tongue, now open the cloth and check the pattern

move to the other side and go inside
use the notebook to read the symbol on wall, now tap the floor
tap on these picture and crystals :
top right : top right + bottom left
bottom right : top right + bottom left
top left : top left + bottom right
bottom left : top left + bottom right
if you make any mistake, then you will get a bad end


go outside and move to the right, look at the left statue.. there’s a hole to escape
tap it to get a good end

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