Living Room – room escape game – Walkthrough

Cheat for room escape game : Living Room – room escape game – Walkthrough – find some tools to open door keypad by solving puzzle on the living room, then find the door code from the clock on each room. Explore the beautiful interior, which is represented in 3D and escape from the mystery room!
脱出ゲーム Living Room by koji morimoto


Living Room – room escape game – video guide answer :

Living Room – room escape game – solutions :
go to the right and get a book notes under the sofa, open it to see some clue :
circle = push
line = open
pick up 2 box on left and right table, look the left picture for hint
these lines show you which button to be pressed, open the black box by pressing :
left – right – middle – right – middle button
get TV remote inside

go to the other side and press the power button on the remote to turn on the TV
now look at the picture on wall, the circles are the position of button number
press : 1, 11, 9, 3, 5

the TV will show you 3 country flag color, if you check the flag on the sofa picture wall you will find the country name :

open the white box by entering the first letter of the country :
television : B I F
get a brush inside

go to the right and open these cabinet door and pick up the items :
bottom left : piggy bank
top right : black box
look on the wood plank above cabinet, there’s a cat with arrow and line
you need to open these cabinet door in order by following the arrow with line :
1. bottom right
2. middle left
3. middle top
get a bottle of cleaner inside

look at the black box, there’s a germany flag with 6 numbers
open the note book and look for the 2nd page for 2 country flag with numbers :
AUT = 01 21 20
NZL = 14 26 12
if you look on each letters, the numbers are the alphabet order
so find the value for GER
the answer is :
G = 07
E = 05
R = 18
enter these code to open the box for hammer

use the hammer on the piggy bank to get a coin
go to the door and tap the panel, use the cleaner bottle on the rusty screw then clean it with brush
now use the coin to unscrew it open
there are 3 square with color and numbers :
blue = 060
green = 270
red = 000
you need to find the value for red square


if you look on the clocks on each room there are 3 outline colors :
blue clock = 2:00
green = 9:00
red = 5:00
now find the angle :
2:00 = 60 degree
9:00 = 270 degree
5:00 = 150 degree
enter the code by tapping 3 black square : 1 – 5 – 0
you will hear sound of the door unlocked, open the door and escape !

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