Escape Job Level 3 The Reception Walkthrough

Solution for Escape Job Level 3 The Reception Walkthrough – Corporate espionage pays well. Let’s find the confidential documents we came for and split. This escape game has the classical room escape structure which means you need to pick locks, break codes, solve puzzles and use outside of the box thinking in order to find your way out.
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Escape Job Stage 3 Cheats
tap left stand for no crown image
open book on left table for no wall image
use these 2 hints to change the picture on right wall on the hall
1x – 2x
2x 1x –

take the vase on left table
use it to break right emergency glass
obtain a card and use it on left table
you will have security code : 7G
use the code on safe and get the top secret file
door will open and you can escape
proceed to escape job stage 4


step by step escape job level 3 video guide

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