Escape Job Level 4 Country Estate Walkthrough

Cheats for Escape Job Level 4 Country Estate Walkthrough – This country estate hides a royal item that was stolen decades ago. This escape game has the classical room escape structure which means you need to pick locks, break codes, solve puzzles and use outside of the box thinking in order to find your way out.
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Escape Job Stage 4 Cheats
look at left table and get a handle
tap left wall and move the brick to get a circle
open right drawer and get another circle
tap left table drawer and add the missing circle on the drawer
now tap on these circles :
bottom left 3x
top right 2x
bottom right 1x
top left 3x

you will find a position of handle :
left – right
middle – left

tap on the middle table
add the handle and change the position like the clue
pick up the stick and escape through right door
proceed to escape job stage 5


step by step escape job level 4 video guide

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