Escape Quest Level 14 Walkthrough

Cheat for Escape Quest Level 14 Walkthrough how to pass the room niveau 14 – collect and combine items, solve puzzle codes to escape the room with key and move to next stage !
Escape Quest – Adventure by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


escape quest stage 14 solution
get a crowbar on left side
tap the right table to open the left drawer to get a remote and phone battery
use the crowbar to open the right drawer for phone
tap the right computer and get a battery
combine the remote + battery and phone + battery
then combine both items together so you have a single item on inventory

tap the wireless modem on table and use the phone on it to see code : 392
open the suitcase on left floor by entering the code
get a cutter and duct tape inside

look under the right table, use the cutter and duct tape the connect the cable

tap the book on table, you need to remember the room number for each paragraph then use it on the right monitor
example for paragraph 1 :
3 – 6 – 1
tap the right monitor and press number 3 6 1
you will reveal a code on right side : 4
do it for the rest of paragraph and you will have these code : 4959

tap the left monitor on table and enter password 4959 to reboot server

look at the left side, you need to find the missing numbers for each row
change the red numbers into :
1st row : 2 6
2nd row : 8 4
3rd row : 3 6
4th row : 5 9
5th row : 9 5
6th row : 3 6
7th row : 1 2
8th row : 1 7
get the keycard and y key
go to the middle monitor on right side and deactivate security system
put the y key to the keyboard then press it
now use the keycard on the door slot panel to open it and move for next level

escape quest nivel 14 video cheats guide :


Welcome to the first episode of “Escape Quest” – from the developers of “Can You Escape”! Are you ready to face this challenging adventure game full of tricky puzzles and mind blowing twists?
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