Escape Quest Level 15 Walkthrough

Answer for Escape Quest Level 15 Walkthrough how to pass the room niveau 15 – collect and combine items, solve puzzle codes to escape the room with key and move to next stage !
Escape Quest – Adventure by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


escape quest stage 15 solution
tap the right suitcase on floor under the chair
enter 8 7 3 to open and get a yellow flag inside
get a pen on right table

tap the computer on left, move the numbers to get the correct addition :
6 + 13 = 19
5 + 10 = 15
look at the default camera for clue
V2N1 V3D1 V1CH1

tap the middle table and get a purple square
put it on the left map on the missing spot and match the squares into the same color
get a C N H D block

look at the drawer under the computer monitor
place the block on the last stop and tap these block on :
row 1 : 0x
row 2 : 5x
row 3 : 0x
row 4 : 2x
row 5 : 0x
row 6 : 7x
get 2 buddha statue and place it on the middle table, now change the direction :
left buddha facing right
right buddha facing up
place the pen into the middle and get a key

use the key to open the brown suitcase on middle chair
get a blue flag inside

tap the computer table and place the flag on these spot :
yellow – white – blue
look at the paper for code and tap the monitor to enter 6 3 4 8
look at the left ir filter camera for the footsteps

tap the plant on right to get a key and use it to the keyhole slot on computer table
click the monitor and look at the unlocked door
press the left door side and escape

escape quest nivel 15 video cheats guide :


Welcome to the first episode of “Escape Quest” – from the developers of “Can You Escape”! Are you ready to face this challenging adventure game full of tricky puzzles and mind blowing twists?
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