Escape To Survive Level 10 Walkthrough

Solutions for Escape To Survive Level 10 Walkthrough – Solve puzzles and use items to unlock the code to escape from 20 locked rooms of the train room stage full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! hurry up as the train is about to crash!
прохождение Escape To Survive by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


Escape To Survive Stage 10 Cheats
tap red drum and get a paper with clue : 1 2 3 ? 8 13 ?
look under the hat on right side for key
use key to open left crate box for batteries
get a screwdriver under right engine
use screwdriver to open left box battery panel
insert the batteries
look at the left crate box for clue : 2 1 3
fill the button like the hint to get a bear toy

look at the bear for order : red – brown – green
tap right drums for color order = 3 1 2
press the triangle button on right and tap the correct button order
you will find another box inside
for the code you need to solve these puzzle from paper : 1 2 3 ? 8 13 ?
you only need to add up the number behind it
2+3 = 5
8+13 = 21
enter 521 to open the box for keycard
use the keycard to open the door and escape
proceed to escape to survive stage 11


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