Escape To Survive Level 9 Walkthrough

Cheat for Escape To Survive Level 9 Walkthrough – Solve puzzles and use items to unlock the code to escape from 20 locked rooms of the train room stage full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! hurry up as the train is about to crash!
прохождение Escape To Survive by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


Escape To Survive Stage 9 Cheats
get a brush under left bag
pick up cutter on right seat
tap the left trash bin and pick up a key
use key to open the suitcase on top left for hammer
break the right fire extinguisher glass using hammer
tap left fire sign on floor and use fire extinguisher on it
then use the brush to clean it for arrow code : down up up down

get a paper inside right trash bin, now find the numbers with down and up arrow = 1 and 4
enter code on right button 1441 and get a box
use the cutter to open the box seal
now look at the order III II I
press the triangle arrow from right to left to open the box for keypad
use keypad to open the door and escape
move to escape to survive stage 10


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