Grand Escape Level 13 Walkthrough

Cheat for Grand Escape Level 13 Walkthrough – Find a way to escape this strange hotel with 15 bizarre rooms full of traps, clues, hints and puzzles! use all the puzzle solving skills to break code and riddle on each niveau stage of the room escape game.
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Grand Escape Level 13 Cheats
get a green ball under left pool table
pick up the pin on left table
open the right cabinet drawer to get a pliers and take a knife on right cabinet
use knife to cut the right curtain to see a key hole
combine pliers + pin to make a lockpick and use it to open the hatch
press : 1 6 4 3 7 2 5
get 1st key part

get a glove and cue stick on left shelf
use the glove to get the light bulb on left ceiling and put it on right lamp
put the green ball on table and use cue stick to hit the blue ball + yellow ball into the hole
obtain 2nd key part

combine both key part and use it to opendoor
escape to stage 14


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