Wild West Escape Level 10 Walkthrough

Cheats for Wild West Escape Level 10 Walkthrough to play as a traveller in the wild west and escape. We celebrate every holiday at a fair. You’re going to like this place. Can you solve the mysteries hidden there by solving puzzle on every room with items and codes ? Find the banknote on each niveau stage of wild west escape to get access for secret room !
прохождение Wild West Escape by Trapped on iphone and android


Wild West Escape Level 10 Cheats
get a net stick on left side and get a knife from window carriage
use the knife on the middle dart booth, you need to move the target into center 10
get a bamboo and remember 3 circle line direction
use the net stick on right booth to get money
put the money on left plate for blue plate
place the plate on right booth box and change the direction into :
right – up – down

take the mace and combine with the bamboo stick
use it to open the left carriage and escape to stage 11


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