Grand Escape Level 14 Walkthrough

Solutions for Grand Escape Level 14 Walkthrough – Find a way to escape this strange hotel with 15 bizarre rooms full of traps, clues, hints and puzzles! use all the puzzle solving skills to break code and riddle on each niveau stage of the room escape game.
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Grand Escape Level 14 Cheats
get ladder under the table and glass of water on table
put the ladder on left side and get a red cloth on basket on top of washing machine
remember the clue 60 degree and ||

get a valve on left shelf and connect it on right pipe, pick up the blue cloth
combine both cloth together and get a UV tool on right washing machine
put clothes inside right washing machine and add water
tap the button and change pointer like the clue
get the clothes and put it on the right hanger for hints :
o o o x o
o o x o o
o o o x o
o o x o o
o o o x o

use UV tool on left floor and press on the correct tile like the hint
get key and use it to open door, escape to stage 15


video guide for grand escape level 14 solutions :

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