Hidden Escape Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough

Answers for Hidden Escape Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough how to solve the puzzle logic on each mansion door room and find the code numbers to escape 100 doors 2015 niveau stage !
прохождение Hidden Escape by ZENFOX on android device


hidden escape level 21 walkthrough
get screwdriver from bag and use it to open the left panel
change the pointer inside to :
red = left
green = left
blue = middle
use the screwdriver to open the ceiling
get the crowbar and use it to open the elevator door

hidden escape level 22 walkthrough
get the metal detector and use it to find the X mark on middle left
take the shovel and use it to dig on the X
pick up the blue gem inside and put it on the door
use the shovel to get red gem above door and put it on door

hidden escape level 23 walkthrough
tap the left lever and play the flappy cube on right arcade machine

hidden escape level 24 walkthrough
get the complete sandwich like the picture on board using the items on this room

hidden escape level 25 walkthrough
get the paper scroll and put it on left wall
pick up the matches and use it on the left candle
use the candle on right projector
you will see clue +70
listen for how long the projector runs for before it stops, it stops in 18 seconds so 18 seconds + 70 is 1870


Can you escape mystery room and get out the sinister mansion?! It’s time to show what you can do! In Hidden Escape you will be able to solve unique puzzles, riddles and secrets of the game world nivel.
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