Hidden Escape Level 56 57 58 59 60 Walkthrough

Cheat for Hidden Escape Level 56 57 58 59 60 Walkthrough how to solve the puzzle logic on each mansion door room and find the code numbers to escape 100 doors 2015 niveau stage !
прохождение Hidden Escape by ZENFOX on android device


hidden escape level 56 walkthrough
on the door you can see sequence of :
fish – starfish – seaweed – turtle
count these objects and you will get the answers ” 7322

hidden escape level 57 walkthrough
pull down the chain, then shift the newspaper and pick up the hook from the floor
apply the hook on a chain, drag large metal ball from the floor to the hook to hang it on a chain
drag the ball to the right and then let the ball
ball will knock the wall and destroy it, pick up key and open door

hidden escape level 58 walkthrough
tap on the yellow button to see all the letters on the board
remember where the letters : O P E N
tap the letters in the sequence : OPEN

hidden escape level 59 walkthrough
get fire extinguisher and use it on both fire
swipe the left glass
get the hammer and break the glass to tap the button

hidden escape level 60 walkthrough
tap the right button and wait until the box reach the ceiling
tap the right button once more so the box fall and break
get the key card and use it to open door


Can you escape mystery room and get out the sinister mansion?! It’s time to show what you can do! In Hidden Escape you will be able to solve unique puzzles, riddles and secrets of the game world nivel.
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