High School Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

Guide for High School Escape Level 9 Walkthrough – play as student to escape the locked campus by solving puzzle logic on every level ! Are you ready to escape through campus, trophy room, chemistry class and many others ?
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High School Escape Level 9 Walkthrough :
tap left table and get blue vial and bullet
tap right table to get pliers and green vial
use pliers to cut wire above door
find color clue on door : red green cyan pink blue

look at right table and put the bullet on device
tap blue box and connect wire + 2 vials then order the color like the hint
get the blue light and connect it to the left holder

tap the board to see clue
E green
B blue
S red
t purple
j green
use these clue to open safe box and get a drink

look at the left side corner and use the blue light to reveal numbers
use the code to open briefcase on floor : 3872
get another drink

put 2 bottle on right table and tap the button to launch the bullet
door will open and you can escape


solution of high school escape level 9 video cheats guide :

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