Infected Town Walkthrough

Solution for Infected Town Walkthrough ! you need to escape from the zombie in infected town by doing these task list : find the radio, repair the vehicle, find the map and escape !
прохождение Infected Town by Amphibius Developers on android device


step by step infected town video guide

play this game as a survivor of the Zombie Outbreak to explore the Infected Town and escape !

here’s the news :
New Word from the nations top scientists on zombie virus that appeared just two weeks ago. It released information saying that the symptoms to watch for are : aggression, foaming from the mouth, deterioration of motor skills, and an unbelievable hunger. Be advised that if an infected becomes hostile the only way to harm them is to shoot them in the head.

Safe houses have been setup throughout all major cities, everyone should make there way to these zones as soon as possible. Tune in to your local emergency channels for coordinates.

Stay safe, stay armed, and god help us all.

Infected Town Cheats :
pick these items in front of weapons store :
wrench under the card
find a card under the menu board
coin from the dead body
use the coin on parking meter to get code 2856

go inside bar
give the card to man on right to get lighter and radio
use the code to open the cash register for money
now use the money on slot machine and pull the lever until you get 777 for a coin

go to weapons store and purchase the crossbow
then go to the shop on right
move the items on right and left shelf for scissors and key
go the the left electric panel to find a clue of green light
go out and move to in front of weapons store

open electric panel and tap on the switch like the green light pattern
kill the zombies on left and get the paper clue : 4351
use the scissors to cut a hose from yellow motor
go to right ambulance and open the back using the code number
get fire extinguisher

go inside police station and put out the fire using fire extinguisher
look at the blood on right wall there’s a number : 4781
move inside to the 1st cell and get car’s key from dead policeman

back to the bar and open the safe with the code to get a knife
use the knife to kill the zombie from police car and get key
use key to open the trunk to get coin and car’s jack
use the jack on the car in front of police station
get the coin


move to weapons store and get a magnum 44

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