House of Horrors 2 Walkthrough

House of Horrors 2 Walkthrough for Brain & Puzzle escape game by dim_ok that you can play on android
We need to get out from here and you will see a lot of code numbers, and you need to try to use it on the correct door in order to open


video cheat guide :

house of horrors 2 solutions :
click the cabinet with mirror on the left, click the cabinet doors to see some numbers :
left = 13
middle = +71
right = +26
combine them and you will have 137226
tap the couch on right for the paper hint of green squares
click the table behind olga and remember the number : 2587

open the door in the middle with code : 137126
you will see a strange man then a code to download the game 1 : 154
this is the checkpoint

go to the right room and click on the bench where you can see some blood and code in red numbers :
left: 0000
middle : 4373
right : 10101
tap the trashcan, pick up the key by pressing the black circle from left to right

open the door and you will see code to download the game 2 : 262
click the zombie head repeatedly until you hit it with crowbar
open the door on right using code 10101
you will see some lockers and tv
click on tv, it’s an upside down numbers : 3465
back and open the middle door with code : 4373
another checkpoint : code to download the game 3 321

click the door and highlight these green square :
row 3 column 4
row 2 column 4
row 1 column 4
row 1 column 3
row 1 column 2
row 2 column 2
row 3 column 2
row 3 column 3

go inside and tap the zombie head with crowbar to kill and you will get the code to download the game 4 499
enter the left door with code 0000
click through the left hole and get ready to kill the zombie
go until the end of wall and remember the code : 5930

back to the hallway and open the right door with code : 3465
click the left shelf with yellow color to remember number 6214

go out and open the middle door with code 5930
code to download the game 5 563
you will see michael, and after a long talk a zombie will come out from the left door, kill it then you can go through the door for code to download the game 6 671


now michael will tell you the door ode : 6214 and zombie will attack him
take his gun and shoot him on his head
open the door and click the small computer : turn on internet wifi to see the code
enter the door code 8742 and you will see the portal and the robot will take her away

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