House of Horrors Robots Walkthrough

House of Horrors Robots Walkthrough for dim_ok Brain & Puzzle escape game so you can help Oleg to save Olga
there are 3 mini game that you need to play in order to open the door, but you can skip it and i think you can pass it easily if you play it more than 5 minutes


video help guide

house of horrors – robots solutions :
tap the left table and make sure you connected to internet so you see the code : 5743 when you click the table
go back and tap the left door to enter the code 5743
you will see a doctor and zombie, after a long talk go exit and click the right door to play snake game
you need to get 10 red square by moving the arrow so the green square hit the red one
you’ll see a guy that selling weed, 1st checkpoint code : 199
go out and click the middle door
play the mini game and when you pass it you can kill a zombie in this room
go through the door and play another snake game


click the portal to a spaceship
click the panel on the left a couple of time until you can pass the middle door
tap the robot to make it break, you’ll get a 2nd checkpoint : 298
go forward and kill the robot, tap the left keypad and get the sphere inside and your last checkpoint : 387
kill another robot and click the portal on the right

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