Human Life Level 5 Middle School Walkthrough

Answers for Human Life Level 5 Middle School Walkthrough – The bullies have locked you once again in the janitor room ! Show them who is the boss and escape ! Play as a human life story from birth to end and escape from different room with life theme full of traps, clues, hints and puzzle logic that you need to solve !
прохождение Human Life by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


human life level 5 walkthrough
look at the photo on table, there’s a different brick on right wall
get axe on left side and use it to break the right stick on bucket
get knife on left shelf and memorize code : 39
tap dartboard and you need to get 39 from the numbers, press these numbers :
9 + 10 + 20
get cork screw

use the knife to open right brick and pick it up
combine brick + corkscrew and add the stick
use the combined item as hammer to break the door handle
escape to stage 6


solution of human life level 5 video cheats guide :

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