Just Escape Medieval Room 6 Walkthrough

Just Escape Medieval Room 6 Walkthrough Cheats how to solve puzzles and find clues on the medieval castle to unlock the door and Just Escape the room
Just Escape a room escape game by Inertia Software


just escape medieval level 6 video cheat guide :

just escape medieval room 6 solutions :
pick up these items to inventory :
ladder on left side of the door
broom on right side of the door
cloth on the left table

get 2 tiles on left wall and 2 tile on right wall that have different colors
you need to use ladder to get 1 tile on right side

use the cloth on the left bowl on table, now combine the cloth on each tiles to clean and you will see a different pattern


use the broom to clean the floor, now place the tiles on the missing spot
tap to rotate each tiles, you need to make a correct picture
here’s the answer :
get the key on right side and use it to open the door and escape from this room for level 7

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