Just Escape Medieval Room 7 Walkthrough

Just Escape Medieval Room 7 Walkthrough Cheats how to solve puzzles and find clues on the medieval castle to unlock the door and Just Escape the room
Just Escape a room escape game by Inertia Software


just escape medieval level 7 video cheat guide :

just escape medieval room 7 solutions :
there are 4 axe holder on the wall, so find some axe on this room :
floor : on left side, on right side
left wall : 2 on shield
2 under the left hays
1 behind left barrel
1 on right box
use one of the axe to break the right box for axe


now place the correct axe shape that match to the holder, here’s the answers :
and the door will open, tap the open door to exit and escape for level 8

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