Let’s Escape Bathroom Walkthrough

Guide for Let’s Escape Bathroom Walkthrough how to escape the bathroom using items on each room and solve the code numbers ! Find and combine objects to solve puzzles and escaping the room!
Let’s Escape – Bathroom by GFGAMES on iphone / android device
where the hell am i ? you wake up in the bathroom with these text on the wall :
the clues are in place. now find the exit
need a girlfriend ? call 693-720-734


let’s escape bathroom solutions :
get the hose, bottle of body wash on floor, towel and soap on shelf
go to the list of stuff that you can’t buy
towel = 682
body wash = 465
soap = 398
add all the numbers to get the answers
go to room with keypad then enter 1545 on keypad to open the board and get a scissors

back to the 1st room
use the body wash on the faucet and get the handle

go to bathtub and look inside of it
drag the scissors to make a hole
go back and use hose from the hole
add the knob inside the hole
then put the body wash under the bathtub

pull the bathtub and get a wrench

go to the 1st room
use the wrench on faucet to get key
open the right door to get a ruber teddy bear
open the toilet tank for a sling shot

go out
combine slingshot with soap and drag it to the light bulb
go back inside the door to get a samurai sword
drag teddy bear to the toilet then cut the pipe
game completed 🙂

lets escape bathroom video cheats guide :


This is a “point and click,” “escape the room” style game.You find yourself stuck in a strange bathroom. Use your ability to “think outside the box” by combining objects, cracking codes and solving puzzles. The amazing rooms full of puzzles are waiting for you – let’s escape!

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