Let’s Escape Stage 11 Walkthrough

Solutions for Let’s Escape Stage 11 Walkthrough – mobest media room escape guide how to find each room key by solving the puzzle on each level


step by step video answer :

lets escape level 11 solution
get a key from the sleigh toy on left and open the drawer for doll
get a stick from christmas tree and a hammer head under the pillow
use it on the doll to get a coin with year : 1611
open the drawer on top using this number

pick up a paper from snowman, ink bottle from cabinet bottom drawer
use it on the paper for clue to find the correct gift box to open

count how many dots color on these object :
red on christmas tree
blue on doll
yellow on pillow
green on snowman


open the giftbox inside cabinet and enter the code number : 4273
get a key
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