Let’s Escape Stage 12 Walkthrough

Cheats for Let’s Escape Stage 12 Walkthrough – mobest media room escape guide how to find each room key by solving the puzzle on each level


step by step video answer :

lets escape level 12 solution
look on the right table, get a magnet from chair
open the book on the table for a “clock’s hand” and another one from chalkboard

use the magnet on the window hole for a key
use this key to open table drawer on left side for a glue
get a paper from trashcan for some clue
use the glue on paper to reveal the correct letters : SI LO

tap on the right clock on wall and put 2 hands on it
SI LO is upsidedown numbers = 07 15
change the clock’s hand and get a CD

use the CD on computer and complete the jigsaw puzzle, you’ll find 2 square is missing
now open the book again and look which column and row on this calender is the position of the missing squares ?
24 13
enter this number on table drawer and get the key to exit


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