Magic Escape Level 10 Walkthrough

Solutions for for Magic Escape Level 10 Walkthrough – play as descendant of a druid to save your celtic people of impending roman invasion by solving magical puzzle on every level and find 15 missing spear heads on each stage room to unlock the secret room !
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magic escape level 10 walkthrough
get pipe on left side and use it to take paper on right
pick up the pipe and paper on water
tap left panel and press the correct button to get a shovel head
combine pipe + shovel head and use it to dig left side of the boulder
take the bottle and fill it with right water then pout it on the left pot
do this until the pot full and you can get the pipe
memorize the symbol + paper clue then apply it on the boulder to get a key
use key to unlock the rope lockpad and get the rope
connect the rope into the boulder
place the iron on the left ground of the boulder
tap the handle from rope to move the boulder and escape for stage 11


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