Pirates vs Zombies Walkthrough

Solution for Pirates vs Zombies Walkthrough ! Can you escape from pirates zombies ? because the voodoo magic has transformed the pirates into zombies and you need to escape before it’s too late ! find weapon to kill the zombie on pirate ship, collect items, combine and solve puzzle code to escape from pirate ship that full of zombies !
прохождение Pirates vs Zombies by Amphibius Developers on android device


here’s the guide of this pirates vs zombies escape game :

all levels pirates vs zombies solutions :
pirates vs zombies level 1 walkthrough
pirates vs zombies level 2 walkthrough
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pirates vs zombies level 5 walkthrough

Pirates vs Zombies Cheats :
get the cannon ball on right and use it to break left crate for wheel
connnect the wheel on right the cannon wood to get drill
look bottom left side of barrel and use the drill
get axe inside the barrel and use it to cut the rope on the wood pole
take the key and sword from dead pirate
use key to unlock chest near left pig for coin
tap right monkey and give it coin to get matches box
lit the lantern on middle barrel with matches and pick it up
tap right corner dark area and use the lantern
prepare the sword and use it to kill the zombie pirate
pick up rope from the dead zombie
back to the pig on left where you can see hook
combine rope + hook and use it on the left cannon to get key
open left door with the key and escape for level 2


step by step pirates vs zombies video guide

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