Mechanical Box 2 (M-BOX-2) Level 12 Walkthrough

Solution for Mechanical Box 2 (M-BOX-2) Level 12 Walkthrough – alchemy hardest logic puzzle ever with exciting quest, can you unlock the mystery of the mechbox ? In this sequel to the popular puzzle game, you are welcomed to try on the Explorer role and make an attempt to hack a mysterious device – the MechBox ! every protection layer of it is a new original and unique puzzle.
прохождение MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever by Andrey Sklyarov on iphone and OGUREC APPS on android


Mechanical Box 2 Level 12 :

M-BOX 2 Stage 12 Cheats
1st puzzle :
match the 12 picture from the keypad and when you’re done you’ll have 4 elements

2nd puzzle alchemy combination :
earth + water = swamp
earth + fire = lava
water + fire = alcohol
laval + water = stone
stone + air = sand
fire + sand = glass
stone + fire = metal
fire + alcohol = energy
entergy + swamp = life
life + sand = seeds
earth + seeds = tree
metal + energy = electricity
electricity + glass = light bulb
stone + life = egg
egg + swamp = lizard
lizard + earth = animal
life + animal = human
electricity + light bulb = light
human + light = eye
eye + glass = lens

3rd puzzle :
boil the water by getting 2 elements into the oven one by one : tree and fire
get light bulb element and place it on right slot
get lens element and place it on the plug from water
tap the crack on bottom left keypad and get the piece to place it on the middle to reflect the light
the green play button will appear and you can tap it
proceed for stage 13


I should warn you that some of these puzzles are extremely difficult. But each and every puzzle can be solved if you pay attention to details and think logically and creatively. Are you ready to accept this challenge, experience the joy of victory and join the few who could discover the mystery of the Mechanical Box?

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