My Escape Puzzle Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough

Solution for My Escape Puzzle Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough – There are no help or hints inside this game ! so if you need help to solve the hard puzzle logic to solve 🙂 find items, look for codes or puzzle hidden somewhere in this room and try your best to find the solution ! if you feel frustrated then get all the answers here with explanation !
room escape game by 10P STUDIO on iOS and Android


My Escape Puzzle Level 21 Walkthrough
pick up the ball
get the clock’s hand on right and put both item on scale
you will get X = 4

get the frame on bird picture and use it on the fish picture
memorize the bubble position
o x o o o
o o o o x
o o o x o
o x o o o
o o x o o
drag the mat to reveal some dots
tap the dots with bubble location
get the ruler


use ruler on left bird to get Y = 9

now 9-4 = 5
so Z = 5

enter 4 9 5 to open the door

My Escape Puzzle Level 22 Walkthrough
get the watering bottle and fill it with water
use it on the soil to get plant then tap the light to get sun
get the flower

tap the crescent moon picture
take the umbrella and use it to get the box
fill the box with all symbols from inventory
get the key and use it to open the door

My Escape Puzzle Level 23 Walkthrough
get the butter and use it on microwave
use the key to open left door
go to left

pick up button, ladder and bread
back to right

use the bread on microwave
use button on top right device to open the window
drag the floor and use ladder to go down
look at the dart
green = 2
blue = 7
red = 5
cyan = 1

back to left room and open the bird cage using code color :
2 1 7 5

give the bread to bird
get the battery and put it on right room device to turn on the light
go down and get flour and tape

back to left room
use flour on the mirror then add the tape
get the finger print and use it to open the door !

My Escape Puzzle Level 24 Walkthrough
get purple bottle on left and use it on the potatoes
it will reveal some numbers :
1 762

now you need to choose the potato that been peeled off like the clue on floor
the answer 1 7 5 2

My Escape Puzzle Level 25 Walkthrough
fill water to glass with 9 14 18 to get 3

after you get 3 on one of the glass, put it in fish bowl and tap the key
use it to open the door and escape


The task is simple, solve the puzzle to open the door ! sometimes you need to find key and in order to do that you also need to find the puzzle and escape the room ! follow the instruction here to help you solve all My Escape Puzzle Walkthrough list !

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