My Escape Puzzle Level 71 72 73 74 75 Walkthrough

Solution for My Escape Puzzle Level 71 72 73 74 75 Walkthrough – There are no help or hints inside this game ! so if you need help to solve the hard puzzle logic to solve 🙂 find items, look for codes or puzzle hidden somewhere in this room and try your best to find the solution ! if you feel frustrated then get all the answers here with explanation !
room escape game by 10P STUDIO on iOS and Android


My Escape Puzzle Level 71 Walkthrough
tap the right glass and connect the symbols
you will get 3 circles

put them in correct position using the clue from paper

My Escape Puzzle Level 72 Walkthrough
The picture in the right explain how to paint the snake in the left (touch it to paint the white rectangles).
The serie 2-3-6-11 means 0 white gaps, 2 white gaps and 4 white gaps
So the next one is 6 white gaps and the last one is 8 white gaps

now paint black 2-3-6-11-18-27 on the snake
Then you will find a paper with holes to find the 4 numbers of each symbol
the answer is :
1st symbol : 3270
2nd symbol : 3478
3rd symbol : 6293

My Escape Puzzle Level 73 Walkthrough
look at the symbols and follow the direction + position for the clock from paper

tap on :
top – down – down left
top – down left – down

My Escape Puzzle Level 74 Walkthrough
look at the symbols on books
apply it in correct order to the right circle

from top to bottom :
Z – V – .7

My Escape Puzzle Level 75 Walkthrough
get cd and insert it on DVD then tap it to see color :
purple – green – blue – red – yellow
pick up paper on left and use it on the device on left table

tap the square on the correct position
x x x 4 x
x x x x 5
x 2 x x x
x x 3 x x
1 x x x x
get the paper and put it on right wall
the door will open and you can proceed to next level


The task is simple, solve the puzzle to open the door ! sometimes you need to find key and in order to do that you also need to find the puzzle and escape the room ! follow the instruction here to help you solve all My Escape Puzzle Walkthrough list !

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