My Escape Puzzle Level 76 77 78 79 80 Walkthrough

Solutions for My Escape Puzzle Level 76 77 78 79 80 Walkthrough – There are no help or hints inside this game ! so if you need help to solve the hard puzzle logic to solve 🙂 find items, look for codes or puzzle hidden somewhere in this room and try your best to find the solution ! if you feel frustrated then get all the answers here with explanation !
room escape game by 10P STUDIO on iOS and Android


My Escape Puzzle Level 76 Walkthrough
tap on the biscuit and count on the cookies for each biscuit
enter 3 8 7 5 on safebox and get the mask
put it on left statue

look on the calendar and open the drawer with circle position

My Escape Puzzle Level 77 Walkthrough
look at the weather forecast : raining = saturday
tap the newspaper for clue : october and halloween

change the dates on table into :
Oct – 31

My Escape Puzzle Level 78 Walkthrough
open the left drawer for lens and paper piece
use the lens on the telescope for star constellation of LIBRA
get screwdriver to open the telescope panel for another paper piece

combine the letters from paper and you will get LIBRA
enter the code on door to open it

My Escape Puzzle Level 79 Walkthrough
get the matches and use it on the firewoods for arrow + numbers
tap on the box and turn it with arrow direction

get the wheel and connect it on chair
move the chair to right so the door open

My Escape Puzzle Level 80 Walkthrough
look at the paper for Dr.Alice clue
tap the book for the order to press on the music device on right
tap on x 2 1 x 4 3 x
you will see the new pattern :
right 3x – left 2x – right 1x – left 1x

open the safe box from bottom drawer
tap on the arrow like the pattern to get the necklace
hang it on left wall and door will open


The task is simple, solve the puzzle to open the door ! sometimes you need to find key and in order to do that you also need to find the puzzle and escape the room ! follow the instruction here to help you solve all My Escape Puzzle Walkthrough list !

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