My Escape Puzzle Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough

Solution for My Escape Puzzle Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough – There are no help or hints inside this game ! so if you need help to solve the hard puzzle logic to solve 🙂 find items, look for codes or puzzle hidden somewhere in this room and try your best to find the solution ! if you feel frustrated then get all the answers here with explanation !
room escape game by 10P STUDIO on iOS and Android


My Escape Puzzle Level 81 Walkthrough
get the broken record and use it on the iron to make it work again
put the record on gramophone

now apply the mirrored symbols of 9 on paper to the board

My Escape Puzzle Level 82 Walkthrough
pick up the knife and drag it to the green and black mirror
place it under left and right cabinet foot
take a look on the mirror to find the symbols

the answer is :
from green mirror :
9 = black triangle up
6 = triangle up
3 = square (leave it)
from black mirror :
8 = triangle down
9 = black triangle down

My Escape Puzzle Level 83 Walkthrough
get the water from fireplace and use it to put out the fire
look at the paper for clue
o x o
x x o
o o x
move the cabinet and apply it to the buttons to get a lever

look at the chef buttons and apply the direction from dish plate :
up – right
left – down
connect the lever and tap it to get a ladder to escape

My Escape Puzzle Level 84 Walkthrough
take the knife and use it to get hook from fish
use the hook on sewer to get a board
get the cloth on right and use it to clean the floor
12369 = 7 so you need to trace the numbers on floor to get the number shape

apply these numbers :
258 = 1
123654789 = 2
321456987 = 5
123698741 = 0
enter the numbers on keypad code : 1250 to open the door

My Escape Puzzle Level 85 Walkthrough
coming soon


The task is simple, solve the puzzle to open the door ! sometimes you need to find key and in order to do that you also need to find the puzzle and escape the room ! follow the instruction here to help you solve all My Escape Puzzle Walkthrough list !

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