Mystery of Mirror of Death Episode 1 Walkthrough

Solution how to pass Mystery of Mirror of Death Episode 1 Walkthrough where you must find 4 coins and use it as elemental items as key to open the door and escape the room.
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You will play as a detective John, who is assigned the job to find the mysterious disappearance of the missing of famous writer, J.R Thompson who lived in beautiful hill town called Initia.

Coin’s Mystery :
every coin will work only touching with its particular element, otherwise it will be useless to place the coins

mystery of mirror of death episode I answers :
look on the car dashboard, get a lighter and open the book for code : 8 – 3 – 6 – rests = 2
tap the car’s trunk and enter the code 8362 to open, the old toolbox is stucked so you need to find a tool to beak it open
click the way next the right board sign, go to the left

next in front of the house you can go to the right then proceed to the right bench
get a saw and ladder
go back to the car and use the hacksaw and open the toolbox, get a wire cutter

now go back in front of the house, this time go to the left
use the ladder to reach the window, then select the wire cutter to cut the plug
go back and click on the cabin, use the plug to connect the cable
the motor pump will turn on, go back and click right to the fountain
check the empty fountain with no water now, get a red jewel

use the red jewel to open the front door, you must solve the puzzle by pressing the 3 circle button on right and make the blue and yellow glowing symbol align horizontally
once the red lamp changed into green then you can go inside the house
tap the fireplace and get a crowbar, go back and look at the clock above it shows 10:30
click on the cuckoo clock and change the time into 10:30 to get key
use the key to open left door

get a tongs on right and check on the bottom left cabinet, it’s missing the knob handle
open the left door and look on the right pot, use the crowbar to open the hatch for key
use the tongs to reach the knob on right
go back to kitchen and use the knob to open the cabinet door, get a broom
back to the left door and reach the left vase on shelf with broom
get a key on the left ground and open the front door where you will see a bedroom
get an axe on wall and look on the right drawer to get a coin
look on the left wall, it’s missing an arrow on fire element
also there’s a time 7:20

back to the cuckoo clock and set the time 7:20 to get a coin
go back outside to the tent, use the axe on the tree to get some wood piles
move inside the house and tap the right stairs, you can open the puzzle door by making all the triangle pointing at the center and make both eyes green

tap the book open on left chair for hints of arrow and triangle
use the triangle code to open the right box on table : down – up – down with line – up with line
get a coin and arrow

go to the fireplace and put the woodlog on it and light a fire with lighter
place the fire coin on the fire and get it back using tongs

go out to the bench right to the fountain and open the box using key and get air coin
back to the fountain and move to the left
place the earth coin on the tree and water coin on the water then get them back to inventory

move inside the house to the bedroom and tap the left wall to complete the puzzle
place the arrow on the missing spot then change the direction of each arrow knob according to the arrow hints from the coin’s mystery diary book :
top left – top right – down – right

Mystery of Mirror of Death Episode I Cheats game video guide :


How did he suffer after completing his ambitions and desires… you will see in the mirror of death episode II
to be continued

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