Room Escape Rolling Bed Walkthrough

Solution to solve Room Escape Rolling Bed Walkthrough a 3D graphic escape game where you need to escape from the hotel room using the rolling bed by solving the mystery puzzle code using items and numbers.
脱出ゲーム「Rolling Bed」by Satoshi Tada for iphone, ipad, ipad and android


room escape rolling bed cheats :
look at the right table next to the bed, get the lipstick and open it
tap the paper on wall and use the lipstick to reveal the code “kiss”
go to the left look on the lips mark picture, the bottom right pink square there’s a number ‘001’
enter these code on the drawer on right room to open and get a coin
move to the right and look on the left sofa pillow
back to the bedroom and look on the left wall enter 2 coins to get an iphone, move to the right and look under the sofa
use the iphone to light the area and get a high heels shoe

go to the right and look at the door knob, use the shoe to open door
move inside the bathroom and get the right shoe on floor
check under each shoes for codes :
left shoe : L81
right shoe : R33

back to the painting room and look at the briefcase, enter the numbers :
81 – 33
get a ring inside and back to the bathroom
use the ring on the wash basin as a plunger, then tap the red faucet for hot water
look on the mirror for code “love”, now tap the right item and complete the puzzle of mirrored LOVE letters
get a yellow screwdriver inside

Room Escape RollingBed cheat game video guide :

back to the room with sofa and look on the middle of it, use the screwdriver to unscrew with numbers as the order :
1 = top right
2 = bottom left
3 = top left
4 = bottom right
get a whip inside and back to the painting room, look on the top right ceiling
use the whip to get the paper with code

combine the paper code with the lips mark picture to have the correct math operator order
now tap +,*,-,-,×,÷ on the refrigerator and pick up the bottle
use the bottle to look at the lamp on each room, you’ll notice that there’s some different color.. so remember it
back to the bed and tap the button above the bed, change the color into :
top : blue – green
bottom : yellow – yellow


open your iphone and tap the FINAL KEY, if you look on the bathroom there’s a bra and panties
use the shape and color as the final key :
2 black circle
1 upside down red triangle
click done and when you slide down the bed icon the goal will appear
the bed will roll and show you the exit way, now you can escape

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