Pirate Escape Level 18 Walkthrough

Tips for Pirate Escape Level 18 Walkthrough Ahoy, pirate! Dare to enter Pirate Escape and test your puzzle solving skills? Escape through each room with pirate theme using items and codes to get key so you can open door for next stage !
Pirate Escape by Trapped on iphone / android device


pirate escape niveau 18 solution
get a candle holder on bed and gold under the pillow
tap the left picture and connect the ship puzzle, memorize the shape
use gold to break the left vase for glass shard

use the shard to cut the pillow open for globe part
look at the right globe and connect the part for coin
get candles on window and combine it with the holder
look at the right door for candle clue : | – |
put the candle on the right table and change the position like the clue to get 1st paper
take a ship part on the table

connect the ship part to the left ship model and change the flag into :
close – open – close
get 2nd paper

place both paper on the left side and look at the numbers order
o 1 3 o
o 2 4 o

put the coin on the left and tap the correct order for key
open right door with key and continue to stage 19


pirate escape nivel 18 video cheats guide

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