Pirate Escape Level 19 Walkthrough

Answer for Pirate Escape Level 19 Walkthrough Ahoy, pirate! Dare to enter Pirate Escape and test your puzzle solving skills? Escape through each room with pirate theme using items and codes to get key so you can open door for next stage !
Pirate Escape by Trapped on iphone / android device


pirate escape niveau 19 solution
get a statue on left and use it to break a bottle on right table for paper clue : 57
take a left box and get 1st pointer part
get the 2nd pointer part on left table and combine both part together
now use the pointer on “57” of the left paper
you will find 4 numbers : 82 – 64
enter these code on left box to get a hook and 1st coin

use the hook to get 2nd coin on left chair
place both coins on the right box to get gun
place the gun on the right table and get key
use key to open left door and exit to stage 20


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