Psycho Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

Answer for Psycho Escape Level 8 Walkthrough – Cellar is the worst place to hide from me, really. Run from the murderer by solving the puzzle on each room and escape through every door !
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psycho escape niveau 8 solution :
get a light bulb on the floor
look at the clue on wall and cabinet for numbers : 3 – 9 – 0
enter the code to the box on bed for screwdriver and pick up the hammer
use the hammer to break the piggy bank on left table for key
tap the cabinet drawer using key to open it for lamp
combine light bulb + lamp and place it on left table
there are code :
11 – 6 = 5
1 + 2 = 3
tap the door and move the pointer to 5 (outer) and 3 (inner)
tap the barrel inside and connect the wolf picture to get a button

back move the carpet on floor and use the screwdriver to remove the screws
add the button to open the hatch and escape to stage 9


psycho escape nivel 8 video cheat guide :

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