Psycho Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

Cheats for Psycho Escape Level 9 Walkthrough – You’ve escaped pretty far. Aren’t you afraid that this place will be your grave? Run from the murderer by solving the puzzle on each room and escape through every door !
прохождение Psycho Escape by Trapped on iphone and android


psycho escape niveau 9 solution :
tap left pipe to get a stick
get a red wheel on the right corner
connect the wheel on left pipe and get the bottle
tap the hole and connect the pipeline so the water flow out
use the bottle to get the water and use it on the barrel to put out the fire
get the axe head and connect it to the stick
use the axe the break the box on the corner right for ladder

count the black bars on this room :
5 – left wall
2 – left floor
7 – box on corner right

place the ladder on left side to reach the ladder on ceiling pipe
open the lock with code 527 and escape to stage 10


psycho escape nivel 9 video cheat guide :

Will you manage to stay alive and escape ? Try your skills in this new escape game ! return to all levels psycho escape walkthrough list

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