Quick Escape Jail Walkthrough

Play Quick Escape – Jail on your android device, and get the quick escape jail walkthrough here
this is another Mobest Media room escape game


solution :
In the first episode your mission is to figure out how to escape the jail. The door you need to open is locked with six keys so better hurry up, convict!

quick escape jail guide :
look on the sink for a key


look at calendar for the hint, there’re some date that crossed
count how many of them : 13
look for the bricks left to the door
there are 3 brick that you can click to make “jail day numbers”
make #13 and the bottom brick will give you key


on left side of the door there’s a puzzle you need to tap
click it to make a right anime poster
a key will pop up and drop to floor

below the L shape there are some bricks that you can press
follow the book pattern on inside the L shape
3 book 1 book 4 book 2 book
the middle brick will open, get the key

get a cheese on the table
look under the bed, there’s a brick
tilt your phone to left so the brick move
put the cheese in front of the hole
the mouse will give you a key


look below the pillow on the bed, get the magnet
on the right side of the bed there’s a spider web
click it for a rope
combine rope and magnet inside your inventory
look inside toilet and use the rope + magnet
you will get key


use these 6 keys to open the door

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