Quick Escape Bar Walkthrough

Second episode of Quick Escape game by mobest media for your android, quick escape bar walkthrough will guide you to collect all the keys for the door.


solution :
You don’t remember anything, and should quit drink. Your missions is to find all 6 keys on these bar by solve the puzzles and escape the room !

quick escape bar cheat answer :
look at the clocks
1st clock = 3:15
2nd clock = 7:20
you can change 3rd clock by clicking H and M
the answer is to add 1st clock + 2nd clock = 10:35
get the key from the 3rd clock

on the table get the ice inside the pitchers

go to the bar on right and get the shaker on the top
zoom in the clue on the pitchers and get the white sugar cubes, remember the water height position : 2 1 3 4

zoom in the yellow beer tap and get the key on the right
now remember the color : black, green, red, white

go to the right to see the door
get the mint leaf on the floor
on left side there’s a green bar
– you can change the colors into black – green – red – white and get the key on left
on right side there’s a black bar
– change the height position into 2 1 3 4 (1 = bottom – 4 = top) then get the key on left

go to the right
get the lime from the floor on the right
fix the picture puzzle to get another key

look on the table there’s a drink recipe : lime, sugar, white rum, club soda, mint leave, ice
combine the items you have before : lime + shaker + sugar cubes + ice
now shake your device to change them into 2 items inside your inventory
put the mint leaf on the glass, then put the drinks on the glass
you will get your last key under the blue bottle


put all 6 keys into the door and click to open !

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