Quick Escape Office Walkthrough

Third Episode of mobest media quick escape android game, help guide on quick escape office walkthrough will show you where to find the 6 keys in each office room for this.


solution :
You are overwhelmed with work and office is not the place to be anymore – you need a break, so find 6 key to open the door and escape.

quick escape office cheat answer

look behind the plant to get printer ink cartridge
get the key on the top biner and remember the binder hole pattern : 1 3 2 4

go to the monitor and shake your phone until the monitor breaks and you can get the key inside it
find another ink catridge on the plant

now look the round rocks near the phone, and change the pattern into black like the binder hole
from top to bottom : 1 3 2 4 (left to right) and get the key
zoom in the red chart on the monitor, now remember the number : 5 7 4 9 and change the paper number on right
you will get the key
take a look on top right of the paper and get another ink catridge

put all 3 ink catridge on the printer, you will get a paper with number + color
back to the frame picture right to the binder, and change the numbers : 7 2 8 and get the key


finally go to the door and fix the painting puzzle and get the last key
now escape the room with the 6 keys and open the door !

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