Road To Success Level 3 Walkthrough

Solutions for Road To Success Level 3 Walkthrough – Hope i’ll never see a dirty place like this one again! Even that depot was better ! Let’s see if i can leave it fast – don’t want to spend all night on that map. Anyway, it’s better to check it, there might be something useful here! you will have to solve puzzles, break the codes and use your logic to escape from each room ! Find all 19 lucky coin on each room to access the secret room !
прохождение Road To Success by MobiGrow / Kaarel Kirsipuu on iphone and android


road to success level 3 walkthrough
tap right door to see code on carpet : 3402
pick up the hook next to the carpet
enter the code to open right box and get the rope
combine rope + hook and use it to get hammer on left

use hammer to break the box on left and pick up the screwdriver
use screwdriver to open the right carpet
take the key and use it to open door
escape to level 4


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