Road To Success Level 4 Walkthrough

Cheats for Road To Success Level 4 Walkthrough – At least i’m moving forward! Feels like i’d chosen the wrong way out of that dirty backyard! This smell will help me to speed up while escaping! you will have to solve puzzles, break the codes and use your logic to escape from each room ! Find all 19 lucky coin on each room to access the secret room !
прохождение Road To Success by MobiGrow / Kaarel Kirsipuu on iphone and android


road to success level 4 walkthrough
pick up brick from car and memorize the color on the seat :
yellow – white – red – blue – green
enter this color code to open lock on trash can chain and move it to get hammer head
tap right window and break it using brick
get the glass shard and memorize the symbols :
spear – eye – triangle – wind – peace circle

use glass shard to cut the car seat for stick
combine stick + hammer head
tap the left door and use the hammer to break on the right wall
enter the symbol code and door will open
escape to level 5


solution of road to success level 4 video cheats guide :

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